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My wireless mouse is acting odd, what could be wrong?

Wireless Mouse Troubleshooting

If your wireless mouse starts acting slower then normal or does not track smoothly across the screen, there are a few things you can check to make sure of optimal performance. Make sure the batteries are charged or fresh. Also, make sure that the receiver, which is connected to the computer, is not blocked in some fashion. Finally, make sure that you are within the range given by the manufacturer for the wireless keyboard.

Why should I use a wireless mouse?

Benefits of a wireless mouse

Using a wireless mouse for your computer is a great way to reduce clutter and wires around your computer. You also won't need to worry about where you put your computer tower and if your mouse cord is long enough. The range is excellent and it is one less wire to worry about!

What is the difference between an optical and laser wireless mouse?

Optical and Laser Cordless Mouse

Both optical and laser wireless mice operate on light technology as opposed to the old standard mouse wheel. The laser mouse is the latest technology, and light defuses better, making the mouse movements smoother and easier to use on non traditional surfaces. With both optical and laser wireless mice, you do not need to use a mouse pad.

What features does a logitech wireless mouse bring to the table?

Choosing a Wireless Mouse: Logitech

If you are right handed, the Logitech cordless mouse may be the right choice for you. While the Belkin is designed to be versatile, the Logitech is ergonomically designed for your right hand. The Logitech also brings these features to the table:

  • 4 button and tilt wheel built in to the ergonomically designed unit
  • Functions on 2 AA batteries or use of the desktop charger
  • Cordless USB mini receiver included (and USB to PS/2 adapter)

How do I choose a good cordless mouse?

Choosing a Wireless Mouse: Belkin

Belkin is a great manufacturer of wireless products. The Belkin wireless mouse comes with several terrific features to consider:

  • Versatile and can be used by left or right handed users
  • Operates at a range of approx 6 feet - great for use in conference rooms
  • The mouse is rechargeable (YDB-F8E845)
  • Four customizable buttons, and scroll wheel.
  • Mouse runs on 2 AA batteries

How does a wireless mouse work?

How a Wreless Mouse Works

Wireless mice come with a receiver station which plugs into your computer via a USB or PS/2 connection. The wireless mouse will then send a signal to the receiver. The mouse will need to be recharged, and will require the use of batteries or a recharging station.

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