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How does a wireless keyboard work?

How a Wireless Keyboard Works

Similar to a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard works by plugging a receiver into your computer via a USB or PS/2 port. The keyboard sends a signal to the receiver. If you start to notice slower performance then usual, make sure that nothing is blocking the receiver and that the batteries in the keyboard are charged.

Why should I use a wireless keyboard?

Benefits to a Wireless Keyboard

As with any wireless technology, a wireless keyboard will help reduce clutter and improve mobility. By using a wireless computer keyboard, you will not be bound to your desk at all times during use. You can simply place the keyboard on your lap and answer phones, move around, etc while you are working. Wireless computer keyboards also reduce unsightly wires and clutter in both an office and home setting.

What is the range of a wireless computer keyboard?

Wireless Keyboard Range

The range of your wireless computer keyboard will depend on the type of keyboard that you have. Most wireless keyboards have to be within the line of sight of the receiver, making the range around 10 feet maximum. If you have a wireless keyboard which uses radio signals, the range could be upwards of 100 feet.

Suddenly my wireless keyboard is acting sluggish, what could be wrong?

Wireless Keyboard Troubleshooting

If your wireless computer keyboard starts acting slower then normal or does not perform optimally, there are a few things you can check. Make sure the batteries are charged or fresh. Also, make sure that the receiver, which is connected to the computer, is not blocked in some fashion. Finally, make sure that you are within the range given by the manufacturer for the wireless keyboard.

How do I choose a wireless computer keyboard?

Choosing the Right Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards come with a variety of features and in a variety of styles. Choose the shape of the keyboard which is most comfortable for your hands. Some people prefer the ergonomic keyboards. The Logitech wireless keyboard offers several styles and features, from basic to advanced. The more advanced keyboards will allow you to easily access the internet, email, online radio and media. Decide what features you will need or want, and what your budget is before you decide on a wireless keyboard.

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