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What should I look for when buying a wireless router?

What to look for when buying a wireless router

There are a wide variety of wireless routers on the market today. The features you need will depend on the extent of your network. In general it is good to look for one that has a built in firewall for security, decent speed and the ability to act as both a wired and wireless router, and good range. Belkin routers and Linksys routers are two popular brands. For the best range and speed, look for a wireless router which uses 802.11g technology.

What is the best wireless router to buy?

Best Wireless Router

The best wireless router will depend on your wireless network. If you have a small network within a small range of one another, it may not be necessary to purchase the latest and greatest wireless router on the market. However, if you run an office or business and want to maintain quality speed and performance, it is in your best interest to purchase the latest technology for the wireless router.

What are the benefits of a Linksys wireless router?

Linksys wireless router

Linksys wireless routers are an excellent brand which offer many benefits to users. Linksys makes routers which use 802.11g technology, which offers increased speed and range over older standards. They offer wireless routers in a variety of price ranges so they are affordable and functional for a wide variety of wireless networks. You can also purchase a linksys router with speedbooster technology to further increase network speed and productivity.

Should I change the password on my wireless router?

Wireless Router Password

Most wireless routers come with a default password of admin. To maintain optimal wireless network security, it is a good idea to change this password so others will not be able to access the router, firewall, etc and hack your wireless network.

We currently have a wired network, do I need a separate router to go wireless?

Wired and wireless router

Many wireless routers offer the ability to use both a wired and wireless network. If you are not ready, and cannot make the switch fully to a wireless network, consider purchasing a wireless router which offers both options.

What is a wireless router?

Wireless Router

A router is a device which connects one network to another. It is most used for connecting the internet (one large network) with a home or business network. Wireless routers allow you to share a broadband internet connection between several computers.

How do I share my internet connection with a wireless router?

Sharing an internet connection with a wireless router

A wireless router hooks up directly to your cable or DSL modem via a cable. The wireless router will then transmit the broadband single to the computers with a wireless card in the range of the network. You will need to make sure that the cards are configured for the home network, same as with a wired network, but after that, you will be wire free!

What are the benefits of a Belkin wireless router?

Belkin wireless router

Belkin wireless routers offer excellent range and speed. One of their newest routers, the Belkin Pre-N has 8 times the range and 6 times the speed of regular 802.11g technology routers. They offer a variety of other wireless routers to meet the needs of small and large wireless network administrators.

Do I need a separate firewall if I have a wireless router?

Wireless Router with Firewall

Not all wireless routers come equipped with a firewall, but it is worth investing in a router that has one. Linksys wireless routers come in a variety of prices with a variety of firewall capabilities. Depending on the security needs of your wireless network, you may want to consider getting a wireless router with sophisticated firewall technology.

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