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What are wireless stereo speakers?

Wireless Stereo

Wireless stereo speakers are speakers which play from a computer or wireless stereo system without being hooked up via wires. You can also purchase devices which let you browse your computer music library and play the music on a wireless home stereo system.

How does a wireless stereo system work?

How Wireless Stereos work

The wireless stereo transmits a signal to the wireless speaker via radio waves instead of traditional wires. The same holds true for radio wave remote controls, which increases flexibility of placement and range of use. With a wireless home stereo system, you will be able to place the stereo and speakers virtually anywhere in the home and not have to worry about wires, plugs, cables or extenders.

Why use a wireless stereo system?

Wireless Stereo Benefits

Using a wireless stereo system will decrease cable clutter, allow greater flexibility with where to place your speakers and stereo and offers a high level of portability. You can move the speakers to where you are and leave the base wireless stereo where it is. Wireless home stereo systems are a great way to listen to music in your home.

Can I hook a wireless stereo system up to my computer?

Wireless Stereo and computer hook up

There are devices on the market which allow you to hook up your computers media to wireless speakers and a wireless stereo system. They come with a remote control which will allow you to browse through your media library and music will stream to the wireless stereo speakers.

My wireless stereo system is not getting the range it used to, what could be wrong?

Troubleshooting wireless stereo equipment

If you notice performance issues with your wireless home stereo system, there are a few things you can check. First, make sure that the batteries in the wireless stereos and devices are charged and working well. Make sure that the wireless stereo is not covered up as to prevent adequate transmission. Finally, make sure that any devices which may cause interference are separated from the wireless stereo system.

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