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I don’t have a free PC slot on my laptop, can I still access wireless internet?

Wireless Adapter for Laptop

Wireless adapters are made for both PC slots and USB connectors. Both are easy to install and use if your laptop or desktop does not have a built in Wi-Fi card. Make sure to follow the specific wireless adapter instructions for configuration of the adapter.

Additionally, make sure you buy the right adaptor for your machine. Your best bet will be to bring all of the specs of your PC or laptop with you when you go to buy a Wireless adaptor. Then you are sure to get the right one - and don't be afraid to ask for help if you aren't sure what you are looking for. Better to ask then to bring the wrong thing home!

Is a switch and wireless hub the same thing?

Is a Switch and Wireless Hub the Same Thing?

Yes and no. A switch can be described as a smart hub. A switch is used to connect computers and devices on a network, but is able to distinguish where to send transmissions.

Generally speaking, in a home wireless network, all you will need is a wireless hub. Larger, more complex networks, such as in offices, should consider using switches.

What is a wireless hub?

Wireless Hub

A hub is used to connect devices on a network. A wireless hub does the same task on a wireless network. The devices can be computers, printers, etc. Typically, hubs are inexpensive and an excellent way to connect devices together on a network. If you want the easiest solution, Linksys provides wireless hubs and routers that are simple to configure and implement.

What is a wireless adapter?

Wireless Adapter

A wireless network adapter is a device that can make regular, wired devices able to communicate on a wireless network. Typical wireless adapters include wireless USB adapters and printer adapters. You can also purchase wireless adapters that allow desktops and laptops to connect to a wireless network.

Wireless adaptors can afford an office with older technology to upgrade to a wireless network thereby increasing flexibility of office design, set up and safety.

Can I share an internet connection with a wireless hub?

Can I Share an Internet Connection With a Wireless Hub?

The short answer is no. If you have a broadband internet connection with all computers hooked up via a wireless hub, only one computer can have internet access at a time.

However, a router allows computers to share an internet connection. You can then hook up multiple computers to via a hub, but only one computer on that hub can use the internet at any given time.

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