Wireless Security: Firewall

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What is a firewall?

Wireless Security: Firewall

A firewall is either a piece of hardware or software which is used to block outsiders from accessing a network. Firewalls are an essential part of wireless network security. It works by controlling traffic between given zones of trust. A user has the ability to determine what is trustworthy and what is not. If you are running a wireless network, you may want to consider using a firewall which is built into a wireless router.



12/7/2006 6:55:17 AM
N. Miller said:

This tip gives incorrect information. The firewall on a wireless router will not prevent outsiders from connection to the wireless access point. If the WAP is not secured using MAC filtering, WPA, or by other means, an intruder can still access the local network via the wireless.

The firewall portion of a wireless router only protects you from connections coming in over your broadband connection, i.e. the WAN (wide area network).


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